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Host a Fastpitch Camp

Bring Us to You

It's easy to host a Thunder Sports Fastpitch Camp in your town. We've got a great program available for knowledgeable, enthusiastic coaches and players.

We provide the online marketing, sales coordination and training - you provide assistance in securing locations and getting the word out to your local teams and leagues.

 Q. What is this camp going to cost the league/organization?

There is no monetary cost to host the camp. It will take some effort on your part in marketing the camp; however, we do offer the necessary training and information to help your camp succeed. *A minimum number of registrations are required to run a camp.

 Q. Can my league or organization profit from a camp?

Yes!  Thunder Sports will donate back a portion of the registration fee to the host site. We can provide a free coaches clinic to all the coaches in the area and league if attendance is good.

 Q. Do I have to be part of a league to have a camp in our town?

It helps, but is not required. You'll need to be connected to local leagues or groups so that you can provide information to them. We do many locations with high school programs, youth leagues, and travel teams.

 Q. After I receive my TSCC fliers - how do I help promote the camp?

After you have received your custom Thunder Sports fliers or mailers, you are ready to focus on promoting the camp. We recommend utilizing your contacts, high school coaches, youth league officials and coaches, and area travel teams. Posting fliers at youth diamonds is also highly effective. We also recommend running ads in all local newpapers, radio and television media outlets. Also, putting camp up on all league websites in the area. Most local media outlets will run a free press release announcement regarding your camp.

 Q. How long does a camp usually take to put together?

There is a wide range and it depends on your local leagues' needs and planning habits. Some camps have been put together in about three weeks, but the best time frame is anywhere from two to three months and many leagues will schedule the same time each year.

 Q. What age groups does U.S. Fastpitch Camps usually teach?

Thunder Sports teaches any age group and any ability. Usually the camps range from 8 to 18 years of age, but we also offer coaches clinics as well. TSCC will structure your camp to fit your specific needs and age groups.


Q. How do you run the camp with a wider range of age groups & abilities?

Players are put into groups according to their age and abilities. Our program is designed to make the necessary adjustments so that all players get the most out of the camp. Our goal is that all players will be challenged according to their own abilities. We want all players to receive individual attention and instruction.

 Q. Who are the TSCC instructors?

The TSCC Instruction Staff is made up of current & former college players, high school and college coaches. Each team member has shown a high level of teaching skills and enthusiasm. Staff members share in developing each camp according to location and players.

 Q. How many days should we hold our camp?

Camps usually run over a 2 to 5 day period depending on your need and attendance. We can help you determine the best format for your camp when you contact us.

 Q. What is my next step?

Give us a call at 765-348-6413! We're easy to get hold of (when we're not on the ball field) or you can email us at, please visit


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